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Sony Raises PS4 Sales Forecast After Fantastic E3 Performance, Reaction

The Sony E3 2013 press conference was awesome, and, even though Microsoft put on a solid performance on the games front, they were significantly let down by DRM and the $100 higher price. As a result, the PS4 has been leading preorder pages, internet polls and consumer feedback, causing Sony to raise internal estimates.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “Sony Corp. is raising internal sales projections for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 videogame console amid positive signs about demand for the device, executives of the Japanese electronics company said Tuesday.”

Andrew House said that the company is shifting its internal projections after the favorable reactions to E3, but did not offer specifics. This is obviously great news for Sony, who is thought to be making a profit on each console sold, as well as for the the developers supporting the platform.

The only small downside is that Japanese gamers might suffer in the short term – whether the PS4 will release in Japan this holiday is dependent on sales in other regions.

Have you preordered the PlayStation 4? Let us know how many PS4s you think Sony will sell in the comments below.