Naughty Dog on The Last of Us Reviews: “We Thought a Lot of People Would Hate it”

Since we’ve had E3 this week, it feels like almost a lifetime ago when the embargo finally lifted on The Last of Us reviews, making it one of the highest rated games of this generation.

On the PlayStation LiveCast today, Bruce Straley, Game Director, Neil Druckmann, Writer and Creative Director, Ashley Johnson, voice of Ellie, and Troy Baker, voice of Joel, were all part of a large live interview that focused solely on The Last of Us.

After Neil said that there were “so many moments where we thought we weren’t going to make it,” he answered what their initial thoughts on the amazing review scores were:

We honestly felt, because of some of themes and stuff we get into the game, we thought it would be much more polarizing and decisive. We knew some people would love it, and we thought a lot of people would hate it. And so far only a couple of people do.

After Bruce then added that he knew there would be differing opinions when it came to The Last of Us and it having so many themes, Neil said:

More than the score, it’s what people are saying. It’s like, so attached to the character, people loving Joel and Ellie, or having conflicted feelings about the ending. That’s the thing we were shooting for, and then to hear that kind of discussion now is really gratifying.

We gave it a 10.

With just hours to go before The Last of Us, we can’t wait for you all to experience the game and hear what your thoughts are.

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