Scott Rodhe: “PlayStation Isn’t About Trends,” Beyond: Two Souls Isn’t the “Kind of Game That Other Publishers Would Take a Risk on”

Though perhaps not as well known as Shuhei Yoshida, Kaz Hirai, or Adam Boyes at this moment, Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, was on the PlayStation LiveCast just now as part of the Mornings With Meredith segment.

In this, she asked Scott whether he saw any emerging trends with the PS4 at the various worldwide teams:

You know what I love to say? Is that PlayStation isn’t about trends. It’s about the actual opposite. So, talking about the different types of games you’re seeing – you saw it on the PS3 – even in its late cycle, a game like Beyond: Two Souls is coming out this late in the cycle that’s a very unique kind of game. It’s not the kind of game that other publishers would take a risk on, it’s what PlayStation does, so I’m not going to talk about any trends.

Taking a look at some of the PS4 games that are coming directly from Sony, you have Killzone: Shadow Fall (FPS), DriveClub (Socially Connected Racer), Knack (Platformer), inFamous: Second Son (Third Person Open World), and The Order: 1886 (Third Person Action-Adventure).

Do you see any trends with the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.