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Check Your Inbox – More “Launch Day Edition” PS4s Coming from Amazon

Did you place a pre-order for the PlayStation 4 after a moment of hesitation, only to later be given the “Standard Edition” of the console that would not be delivered on launch day? Well, check your inboxes – you may be in luck!


When Amazon ran out of the “Launch Day Edition” PS4s, hope for procuring a PS4 on launch day dwindled in many a gamer’s eyes when they saw that they had a “Standard Edition.” However, that gigantic retailer has recently been sending out emails to notify some lucky “Standard Edition” PS4 pre-orderers that their order has been upgraded to the “Launch Day Edition,” including the free Release-Day Delivery shipping method. This is due to Amazon receiving additional PS4 consoles. There’s no word on just how many orders have been upgraded, but those of you who were disappointed with their later pre-order may find an email much like the one pictured above in your inbox.

So have you been upgraded, or left out of this round? Let us know by dropping a comment below.