PS3 Firmware Update Version 4.45 Out Soon, Brings Along Trophy Notification Options (Update 2: FW 4.45 Pulled)

Update 2: Apparently Sony has pulled Firmware update 4.45. Reports across the internet are stating that an error with the update is locking people out of their PS3s. Stay tuned to PSLS as we update you on the situation. – Dan O.

Update: 4.45 is now available for download on your PS3, or from these links:

Original Story: Since the official PlayStation Twitter account didn’t say anything about this being optional, we’ll assume that the new firmware update going live “soon” (probably within an hour or two) is a mandatory one.

Rather than just the usual “improved system stability” teaser we always get, 4.45 also brings along Trophy notification options. They didn’t go into further detail about that last part, but it’s likely new options to allow the Trophy unlocked icon to not appear when you’re in the middle of a game and do something special.

As always with these updates, we’ll be our best to let you know when it’s live, but if you’ve noticed it’s out before we get a chance to tell you, please let us know in the comments below, or by sending a tweet to @PSLifeStyle.

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