Capcom: Deep Down is “Still Quite far off,” Dead Rising 3 has “no Current Plans” for PS4, Other Platforms

Now that E3 is over, Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice President at Capcom, has returned to answering questions on the Ask Capcom forums.

Dispelling any notion that Deep Down on PS4 might be related to their successful Dragon’s Dogma franchise, Sven made it clear that “[Dead Rising 3] and Deep Down have nothing to do with Dragon’s Dogma.” As for when we can expect to hear more on Deep Down, he just said “it’s still quite far off” and pointed everyone towards a Yoshinori Ono tweet, which basically stated that it would be playable at E3 2014.

Looking at Dead Rising 3, which is an Xbox One exclusive, he said there’s “no current plans for any other platforms,” which is due to the fact that Microsoft is publishing the game, “so it would be tantamount to asking Nintendo to put their key franchises on other platforms.”

And finally, when asked about the poor sales of Resident Evil: Revelations (which didn’t even crack the May NPD top 10), Sven replied with, “All I’ll say is that the teams in Osaka have a clear vision for where they are going with the brand.”

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