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Capcom’s Latest Extension of Deep Down’s Trademark Suggests That It Hasn’t Abandoned the Game

Companies are only allowed to file 5 extensions.

deep down game

New Deep Down Trademark Filed by Capcom

New filing suggests the game is still being developed.

deep down game

Capcom’s Deep Down Is Still in Development

Yeah, it’s still a thing.

PS4 F2P Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

This article is free-to-read!

Deep Down Developer Discusses Development, Online Gameplay to Have “Ten-Year Span”

Development has been “one step forward, two steps back the whole way.”

Capcom: “Deep Down Will Take a Little More Time to Finish,” Isn’t Cancelled

The “framework behind it has grown much larger” since it was first announced.

Capcom on Deep Down: “Something Big” Might be Shown Off in 2015, Hedging Their Bets on It for 15 Years

Dragon’s Dogma Online will release before Deep Down.

GameStart 2014 – Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono Talks Street Fighter and PlayStation 4

The producer discusses the present and future of Street Fighter

Capcom: Deep Down is a PS4-Exclusive Because Sony Approached Us

Well, that makes sense.

Deep Down Development Has Entered a “Trial and Error” Stage, Says Producer

Deep Down will definitely release.

Capcom Delays Deep Down Beta to 2015, Releases New Gameplay Video

Deep Down, we knew this was coming.

Deep Down Producer Promises Beta Update This Month

Deep down, he’s sorry.

Capcom: Risk Required for Deep Down Since It’s Free-to-Play

Who’d have thought being F2P would be risky?!

Deep Down Beta Details Coming Soon

Deep Down is still hiding deep, but not for long.

Deep Down E3 2014 Trailer Shows Combat, Powers, and Monsters

Go deeper.

Capcom Clarifies Deep Down’s Lack of Playable Female Characters; “An Overseas Release Hasn’t Been Decided”

There’s only one playable character.

New Deep Down Video Shows Gameplay; Game Supports Male Avatars Only

PS Vita Remote Play is supported.

The Catch-Up: February 7th, 2014 – Deep Down Delayed in Japan; MGS V: The Phantom Pain May Not Release Until Q3 FY2015/2016

Evolve and Dying Light are teasing something on February 11th; There’s lots more news inside!

The Catch-Up: December 27th, 2013 – Deep Down Gets a New Trailer, Final Fantasy Writer Would Like to see X-3

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix also gets a new video.

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down to be Free-to-Play, Japanese Open Beta Announced

Time to move to Japan.