Capcom: Deep Down is a PS4-Exclusive Because Sony Approached Us

Possibly one of the most exciting games Sony unveiled during its PlayStation 4 reveal was Capcom’s Deep Down.

The upcoming RPG is set to feature dungeon exploration, numerous weapons and equipment to use, and hardcore boss battles. However, it will only be PlayStation 4 users who will experience all this dungeon delving fun, and the reason behind that is actually a bit surprising.

Asked by PlayStation LifeStyle during last week’s GameStart gaming convention on why Deep Down will only be coming to the PS4, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono laughingly — and in jest — explained that it is simply because he happened to have a PS4 dev kit on his desk. A PR person in the room then clarified Ono’s humorous statement, noting that it was actually Sony who approached Capcom earlier than other platform holders for Deep Down.

So there you have it — the reason Capcom’s upcoming RPG Deep Down will be a PS4-exclusive is simply because Sony asked about it first. A simple answer to a simple question.

What do you think about Capcom’s reasoning on why Deep Down will only be on the PS4? Do you agree with the company’s decision?