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Deep Down Was Reportedly in a ‘Near-Complete State’ Before Capcom Shelved It

The most recent update related to dungeon crawler Deep Down hit the web in November of last year. At the time, producer Yoshinori Ono made it known that Capcom had not “completely given up on” the title. Further evidence of this is present in the publisher’s continued renewals of Deep Down’s trademark. Regardless, its overall future remains unclear at present. Interestingly, though, a new report suggests the dungeon crawler was far along in development before being shelved.

Over the weekend, Video Games Chronicle reported on rumors concerning the next Resident Evil entry, Resident Evil 8. In addition to sharing RE-related commentary from its sources, the publication made note of information it has reportedly gleaned about Deep Down. Near the bottom of the Resident Evil 8 article, as spotted by PushSquare, VGC claimed “sources recently indicated to VGC that [Deep Down] was shelved despite being in a ‘near-complete state.’” As of now, the reason behind Capcom’s decision to sideline the project remains unknown.

Capcom announced Deep Down as a PS4 exclusive ahead of the console’s launch in 2013. It was then delayed in Japan in the early part of 2014. Following months of beta-related promises, Capcom pushed said beta to an unspecified date in 2015. In February 2015, after several more months of scarce details, the publisher confirmed developers needed more time to finish the project. Since then, updates about Deep Down’s future have come courtesy of the aforementioned trademark filings by Capcom.

Will Deep Down ever see the light of day, or is it another PlayStation exclusive essentially lost to time? Considering the minimal information, that much remains unclear.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle via PushSquare]