Capcom’s Deep Down Is Still in Development

Do you remember Capcom announcing a free-to-play action game called Deep Down? And then they promptly said nothing about it for two years? Well, it appears to still be a thing, as Capcom has filed the fifth trademark extension for the game in the US.

Capcom first announced Deep Down in February 2013 with the following trailer.

Another trailer was released over six months later, and then not much has been mentioned about it since 2014. Japan was supposed to get an open beta, which was later delayed. Another beta was scheduled for 2014, and then that was delayed to 2015.

In October 2014, Capcom laughed about the problems Deep Down was experiencing with development, but they assured fans it was still a thing.

After the team had worked finished working on Resident Evil 5 and 6, they started transitioning into a new project and we asked around about what all they actually wanted to do. Their answer was that they wanted to make a new game. They wanted to focus on new hardware, and they wanted to be able to use new technology to make it. They had a lot of opinions, which ultimately brought us to the game that it is, though it’s not been without its share of trouble because of it. (Laughs.)

[The fact that development is taking time] doesn’t mean the game’s release status is in jeopardy, far from it. Rest assured, it will come out. Eventually, we’ll be able to find our groove and then from there, development will progress at breakneck speed.

Then in March 2015, the development team admitted they were having a harder time developing for the new tech than they expected.

We’re still facing a ton of challenges. For starters, there’s the whole process of developing games for the newest next-generation consoles. Every solution we came up with seemed to create more problems than it solved, so it has really been one step forward, two steps back the whole way.

On top of all that, we had to tune up the servers for the online management aspects. We had a really hard time trying to develop a game that combined all the elements.

No idea what is going on with Deep Down right now, but at the very least, Capcom hasn’t canceled it. At least not yet. But when it does release, it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

[Sources: VG247 via MCVUK]