Deep Down Producer Promises Beta Update This Month

Kazunori Sugiura, producer of the PlayStation 4 exclusive free-to-play title Deep Down, posted an apology for delaying beta news on Facebook last Friday. He has now promised an update sometime this month. Initially, Capcom intended to share news of a public test in July, but this was pushed back. Accompanying the apology was the screen shot above, which shows a trap in the game. 

It should be noted that this is Capcom’s first free-to-play title, which could be the reason behind all the delays. Very recently, the developer said during a shareholders meeting that the free-to-play business model is risky, and with Deep Down, the company is willing to take a risk to increase current-gen sales.

Deep Down does not have a definitive release date at the moment. 

[Source: Facebook via Gematsu]