Capcom: Risk Required for Deep Down Since It’s Free-to-Play

Early last year, Capcom wowed  gamers when it debuted Deep Down. However, since then, the game has dropped off considerably from the limelight — and the fact that it’s a free-to-play (F2P) game hasn’t exactly helped matters, too.

During a recent shareholders meeting, Capcom was asked to comment on the F2P business model — which it’s entering with Deep Down — and how it can be very risky. 

Here’s what a Capcom representative said in response:

We understand that there are some risks, partly because ‘deep down’ is our first free-to-play game for a next-generation console…But we believe that risk taking to some extent is required in part because this title is the starting point for our growth in content sales for next-generation consoles.

Presently, Deep Down still does not have a definite release date. Let’s hope the game surfaces at this month’s gamescom or in this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Do you think Deep Down will pave the way for Capcom’s success or will it bomb due to console gamers aren’t as receptive to F2P games as PC players?

[Source: Silicon Era]