Deep Down on PS4 Gets a New Trailer & Gameplay Video, Uncertain of Western Release

At Sony’s pre-TGS Press Conference, a good chunk of time was dedicated to Deep Down on the PlayStation 4, with Yoshinori Ono of Capcom revealing that it’s actually set in 2094, as you can briefly see in the new trailer, with Ono talking about the game itself underneath:

Deep Down is an online multiplayer RPG allowing you to play with up to three friends in co-op, featuring automatically generated maps, monsters, equipment and weapons, with more details expected at TGS and in February 2014. One thing we know won’t be detailed is an Xbox One version of Deep Down, as Yoshinori completely shot it down on Twitter.

Unfortunately, when someone asked him if Deep Down would be coming to America, Yoshinori only replied with, “We don’t know it, if we can get a lot of offer from US then we’ll be thinking it.” So, if you want Deep Down to release outside of Japan, make sure your voice is heard!

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