PlayStation Vita TV Revealed, Allows you to Play PS Vita Games on Your TV & Remote Play PS4 Games

During Sony’s pre-TGS conference last night/this morning, they announced something called PlayStation Vita TV, though it will be “available first in Japan prior to any other regions.”

This little device allows you to view video content – Hulu is named as one of the services – as well as play over 1,300 games that the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita, PSP, PS1 Classics) has to offer, access pre-installed applications on the system such as email and text/voice chat, Music Unlimited, along with the ability to Remote Play PS4 games (a future software update will enable this, along with DualShock 4 support). So, this will make playing the PS4 on another TV much easier than just buying another PS4.

You’ll play the games using a DualShock 3 controller, and here’s a few pieces of info for the device, along with specs:

  • Includes a standby mode, just like the PlayStation Vita.
  • Can play games with PS Vita users through Ad-Hoc mode.
  • Up to 2 DualShock  3 controllers can be connected.
  • Videos stored on the memory card or videos being played on the Browser of the PS Vita can “easily” be transferred to the PS Vita TV.


PlayStation TV will be released in Japan on November 14th for 9,954 yen with tax (about $100), with a PS Vita TV Value Pack for 14,994 yen with tax (about $150) including a DualShock 3 and 8GB memory card. At launch, the Value Pack will come with 90 days of PlayStation Plus for free.

We’ll let you know when PlayStation Vita TV gets a release date in other regions.

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