How to Survive The Last of Us’ Online Multiplayer: Tips and Tricks

Having difficulties staying alive during an online match of The Last of Us? Well make sure to check out our quick start guide below to help you get your footing before you venture out again.


Date: Each round acts as a single day

Supply Raid: A team based mode of 4v4, where each team shares a pool of 20 lives.

Survivors: A team based mode of 4v4, where everyone only has one life.

Clan survivors: This number is determined by how well you do each match and the number of supplies you earn each game. Not returning with enough parts to turn into supplies or leaving a match mid-game, can cause your ‘survivors’ to become hungry or sick.


Molotov: One shot kill to one or more enemies, with or without armor. Usually takes about 3 toolboxes until you can find enough components to make one.

Nail Bomb: When thrown (hold L1 then hit R1 to throw), it acts like a grenade damaging or killing anyone nearby. If you place it on the ground (just hit R1), it acts like a proximity mine, but can be located by enemies and detonated by shooting it. Usually only takes 2 toolboxes to find the proper components.

Melee: Without any mods they act simply as a melee weapon, but machetes deal more damage than bats. When modded, any melee weapon acts like a one-shot kill weapon.

Smoke Bomb: When thrown at an enemy they are momentarily stunned and easily killed, but watch out for their teammates.

Health: Best constructed when only in a tight situation, as health can be located at various spots on each level.

Shank: Used to kill opponents quickly if you are able to sneak up on them.

Tips and tricks:

There are many methods you can use to stay alive, kill enemies and keep your clan fed – this guide is simply one way to keep yourself going.

From the beginning of the match, most players will run to a red toolbox and take out supplies, as there is usually one near your spawn. Each player has their own loot from the box, so make sure to take everything found inside by hitting TRIANGLE. Multiple toolboxes can be found on each map as white circles, but each one can only be used once for a specific amount of time. Once you have gotten the hang of locating the boxes, don’t get too caught up in hunting for supplies as, after hitting up the first box at the start of the match, your likelihood of running into the other team increases drastically as everyone usually seeks them out.

Remember: Toolboxes are a great place to set up a trap or to fall into one. Also, when running you are visible to anyone using the listen function (R2), so be careful when you use it.

Once you have obtained enough supplies from the toolboxes, you will should be able to create a new weapon (nail bomb, Molotov, spiked bat, etc…). To do this you have two options, the easiest route is to use the direction pad and select anything that you have the parts for and hold X to start building it, or you can go through your backpack to see the needed items by hitting SELECT and then holding X to build it that way.

Remember: Med-kits are found around the map and do respawn, so try to use your supplies for weapons.

As you progress through the match you will earn parts for killing enemies, spotting for teammates or finding them in toolboxes. Most enemies will go down pretty easy at first, but so will you, so make sure to move slowly throughout the level. If you find an enemy, you can hit R3 while looking at them to mark them for a short period of time for everyone on your team to see.

When engaging in combat, make sure to remember your options for the situation and do not run out hoping to score an easy kill, as that is the fastest way to be put-down yourself. Most players stay in packs, so if you see an opportunity to take someone out, do it with the least risk to yourself or your team’s position. When you initially ‘kill’ an opponent, he is only downed. He will be able to crawl around for a period until he bleeds out, gets shot/hit again or gets revived by a teammate. To heal a downed teammate, hold TRIANGLE when they are near you. Also, if more than one team member is standing by, the speed of recovery improves for each member assisting.

Remember: A downed friend can be deadly dangerous as players will sometimes use them as bait. To try and counteract a trap, use R2 to enter listening mode to try and find nearby enemies that could be waiting for you to pop your head out.

Once you have enough parts to purchase things, you can select the store by hitting SELECT then R1. Ammo and upgrades for your weapons can be purchased, as well as the ‘purchasable’ weapon listed in your loadout and armor. Upgrades for weapons are permanent, but expensive and do not guarantee that you will be any better of a shot. Purchasable weapons are also permanent, but the ammo for them  does not replenish itself like your standard guns. Armor is, in my opinion, the most powerful tool to get, as it adds a great deal of durability to your fragile life, but must be purchased again once busted.

Some schools of thought say that you should upgrade your weapons to give better response times first, but I feel that if you are good enough to survive without armor, then you probably don’t need this guide in the first place.

Remember: The store can be accessed at any time during the match (Select, R1), or in-between deaths, so be prepared but try not to waste your parts. Also, the parts used in-game does not change the amount of parts you use toward supplies at the end.

One-use boosters can be used at the start of each match, giving you a boost for that match but are consumed on use.

Each week a new story aspect plays out involving your Survivors, and you will choose a mission that tasks you with meeting certain stats in an online match, your success determines the safety of your clan. Make sure to choose the mission best suited to your ability and weaponset, remember your survivors’ lives depend on it.

Are there any questions you have on how to do something? Still having trouble combining items? Or do you just want to share some tricks of your own? Let us know if we missed something or help out your fellow players in the comments below and stay tuned to PSLS so you can be what is left of The Last of Us.