Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer to be “Very Different” to GTA IV, More “Information Coming Soon”

Earlier today, Rockstar held a Grand Theft Auto V Q&A on their website, and you can check out our recap over here. The conversation didn’t stop there though, as a few members of the Rockstar team answered a few more questions in the comments section of their website.

As you’d expect, the majority of the 1700 comments as of right now (it’ll reach 2000 soon) were just about when we could expect news on Grand Theft Auto Online and the gameplay video, prompting responses that all looked like, “We don’t have a specific date for you but it is coming soon, so please stay tuned to the Newswire. Cheers.”

Out of the deluge of comments, there were a few interesting answers though, with one person asking if the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer would be different to that of Grand Theft Auto IV. Without going into specifics, they were told it’s “very different” and we should expect “information coming soon.”

Next up, someone told a story of how they had troubles signing into the Max Payne 3 servers, asking if the netcode for GTA V would be reliable. Here’s what Rockstar replied with:

We’re going to do everything possible to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more details about GTA Online soon.

For the final interesting response from Rockstar, they answered a question that asked them if they were sure the map in GTA V is huge:

GTAV is set in the massive city of Los Santos and its vast surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. While there won’t be multiple cities, you can expect the biggest, most dynamic, and most diverse open world we’ve ever created.

What would you like to see from Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer when the game launches on September 17th? Let us know in the comments below.