Mark Cerny on PS4: “I Think Things Will go Rather Well in This Generation”

The Develop Conference is happening right now in Brighton, with Mark Cerny being quite heavily involved by talking about quite a few different topics, including the PlayStation 4, indies, and Knack.

Speaking in an interview at the Develop Conference, the ‘Renaissance Man’, Mark Cerny, discussed the PlayStation 4 and indies:

Definitely we’ve had some very successful indie development on PlayStation 3, titles such as Journey, Flower, and the PixelJunk series – developed internally. As well as quite a bit also coming from the third parties.

I see on PlayStation 4 that these trends are going to accelerate. I think the hardware is in place to make that possible to happen. I think we now finally have the proper business structure to really support indie development. And the PlayStation 4 overall user experience is set up really well for indie. You can share screenshots and videos of the games and elevate their visibility in the gaming community quite easily.

Mark then talked about how he wanted to add something new to his Develop talk after his previous talk went viral, as well as how he is well known in the developer community, and even has people on the street ask him for pictures.

The talk was the re-directed to PlayStation, when he was asked if console gaming was going to bounce back, with Mark saying, “If you look at the people that are interested in the console experience, it’s a great number of people, and things look quite healthy going forward.” After being prodded for a ‘yes”‘ answer, Cerny said, “Yes. I think things will go rather well in this generation.”

Stay tuned for more Mark Cerny.