Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Thinks PS4/Xbox One Gen Should Last 5 Years

It’s been a long wait for new consoles since the Xbox 360 kicked off this gen in 2005, but the PS4 and Xbox One are finally out this holiday.

However, if Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has anything to say about it, the next gen won’t last that long before the next next gen. He told CVG that this gen lasted too long, and he hopes that this one won’t last as long. He also believes the cloud will change things, and that this won’t be the last console generation:

For sure I wanted a transition faster than what they did because when you wait eight years you have a few years that decline, because people have enough machines and games, so they are less interested in this industry.

What I’m happy with is, because we’ve been waiting for a long time, if we really come with high quality games then the public will come very quickly to buy them. So we will see a big increase in the market.

To answer your question, I think that the cloud is going to change a few things. I still think it is not the last generation, because the manufacturers want a way to control their platform and the machine is the best way to have a specific access to that.

Now with cloud and the increase of bandwidth we should have the possibility to increase the quality of games a lot over the next few years. But I think five years is the right timing for it.

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