The Catch-Up: July 12th, 2013 – PS4 From Every Angle, Relive Some PS2 Memories, Could Kratos Withstand a Sharknado?

Did you watch Sharknado?

General News

  • Systems are yet to be revealed, but Epic Games is working on a “bigger, AAA shooter project that hasn’t been announced yet.” [Source]
  • Tony Key, Senior VP of Marketing and Sales at Ubisoft, said that, due to the success of Far Cry 3, “we’re clearly going to make another” Far Cry game. Will it go back to the jungle? [Source]
  • Marky Cerny, PS4 Architect (of Destruction), said of the PS4 in a recent interview, “They know how to design the console so it doesn’t overheat. If you notice that PlayStation 4 is smaller, it’s because power consumption is less; simple as that.” [Source]
  • The Dragon Fantasy: Book I PS3 patch that fixes an issue with non-HDMI TVs has been released. [Twitter]
  • Could Kratos withstand a Sharknado? Yes. Yes he could. [Twitter]
  • The Hotline Miami patch for PS3 and PS Vita that fixes some trophy issues and bugs will be released next week. [Twitter]
  • The Mad Max worldwide gameplay reveal is happening on Monday. [Twitter]
  • Konami was hit by some hacks over a prolonged period of time, which resulted in 35,252 unauthorised logins, with the company asking anyone who uses the Konami ID service to change their password. [Via/Source]
  • To kick off a few pieces of Amazon France news, they think the PlayStation 4 is coming out November 20th. [They Could be Right, Right?]
  • Amazon France has a red 12GB PS3 Invizimals bundle listed for October 12th, with the Gran Turismo 6 PS3 bundle given a date of November 6th.
  • Amazon France has three PSP bundles newly listed for a September 30th release date: Gran Turismo Ratchet, Gran Turismo & Tekken, and LittleBigPlanet & MotorStorm.
  • Here’s the box art for that PSP bundle Amazon has listed for a July 19th release date, which hints that the ‘Step Your Game Up’ slogan might make a small return:psp3000bundle

New Videos

  • T3 was back at it yet again in showing off the PlayStation 4, this time from every angle:

  • Tokyo Jungle Mobile gets a Japanese gameplay trailer, buy the game now on PlayStation Mobile:

  • Here’s some gameplay for the upcoming Teslagrad on PlayStation 3:

  • Surprisingly, the Goodwood track being added to Gran Turismo 6 doesn’t feature Chandler in any way, shape, or form:

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