Cliff Bleszinski on The Evil Within: “This is What I’ve Been Looking for”

Bethesda has quite the impressive line up of titles coming our way with The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and The Evil Within, all of which will be appearing on next-gen consoles, with the latter two seeing a current generation release as well.

To get some more info on these titles, MCV caught up with Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of Marketing and PR, who revealed that it was MachineGames’ passion towards the Wolfenstein franchise that helped convince Bethesda a new game was worth investing in. Also, when it comes to the fact that The New Order was announced just a few months ago and releases this holiday, Pete revealed that it was intentional. This is because “we wanted to hit the right amount of time so that there was plenty to talk about, but it didn’t feel like we had been talking about the game for 18 months with people saying ‘just release it already’.”

When it comes to The Evil Within from Shinji Mikami, Game Director and Resident Evil Creator, Hines talked about the different reactions they’ve received for the game, including one from Cliff Bleszinski, who said, “‘This is what I’ve been looking for. The merging of Resident Evil 1 with Silent Hill.'”

Finally, for The Elder Scrolls Online, Pete mentioned how playing by yourself in the game “will feel like playing Skyrim all over again,” with the support, marketing, and importance Bethesda has for TESO “certainly equivalent to Skyrim.” As for why the latest Elder Scrolls title isn’t on PS3/Xbox 360, it was actually people from Zenimax Online Studios who said, “‘Look, this is not a game that we could make work on current-gen consoles, but we could totally get it to work on PS4 and Xbox One.'”

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