Bid for Greatness Auction Site Opens, Use Your Gold Trophies to Bid on Exclusive Items

Now’s your chance to take home some PlayStation memorabilia as Sony has opened up the Bid For Greatness website, allowing you to bid your hard-earned Gold trophies against other people. Whoever bids the most when the auction ends then receives the exclusive, real-life item.

How this works is that you sign into your PSN account after going to, it’ll collect all the Gold trophies you’ve unlocked, and then you can use them to bid on 15 different items (you don’t actually lose the Gold trophies for your PSN ID). A new item will be auctioned off every 24 hours, with each auction opening and closing at 1PM PST.

Here’s the list of items that will be available for auction:

  • July 16th: Killzone: Shadow Fall – Black Hand Outfit
  • July 17th: The Last of Us – Infected Clicker Costume
  • July 18th: PlayStation – End Scene Concept Art
  • July 19th: Skyrim – Dragonborn Dagger
  • July 20th: Diablo III – Witch Doctor Mojo
  • July 21st: PlayStation – Crane Scene Concept Art
  • July 22nd: Diablo III – Witch Doctor Cursed Skull
  • July 23rd: inFamous: Second Son – Delsin Rowe’s Outfit
  • July 24th: Skyrim – Dragonborn Shield
  • July 25th: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Captain Kenway’s Cutlass
  • July 26th: Skyrim – Dragonborn Sword
  • July 27th: Skyrim – Dragonborn Stalhrim Mace
  • July 28th: Diablo III – Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb
  • July 29th: Killzone: Shadow Fall – Helghast Sniper Outfit
  • July 30th: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Captain Kenway’s Outfit

After less than ten minutes, I was already outbid for the Killzone: Shadow Fall item today, so I doubt that I’ll be getting anything in the auction. Do you think you’ll have enough Gold trophies to win something? Let us know in the comments below.


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