Major Cheating Accusations Fly as PlayStation ‘Bid for Greatness’ Day 1 Trophy Auction Ends

It all seemed like a good idea by the good folks at PlayStation. They’d created a really fun commercial with ‘Greatness Awaits‘, so they thought it would be fun to auction off some of those items to their faithful fans, with whomever bids the highest amount of their hard-earned Gold trophies getting to take home a particular item.

Well, after just one day of the Bid for Greatness auction, the controversy has started up.

As spotted by @PSNProfiles, the winner of the Killzone: Shadow Fall auction “used illegitimate methods to obtain trophies.” Our very own Chandler Wood (who has his fair share of trophies) then took a look at his Gamer Card, revealing (among other things) that the winner had gone from 6,500 total trophies to 14,000 trophies in a single day (and one unlocked in 1995):



With the winning bid at 1,050 Gold trophies, and the winner only having 1,132 Gold trophies in total, they won’t be putting in any more bids during the auction, but this does raise questions to the legitimacy of some of these bids. Hopefully all future winners during this auction are people who spent the thousands of hours actually unlocking these trophies.

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