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PS4 Used Games Troll Video is 2nd Most Popular YouTube Vid on PS Channel Ever, Passes 12 Million Views

It started off as a joke that wasn’t even meant to be released. Now, it has become an internet sensation.

For months, Sony’s main YouTube plan was to launch a big, expensive advertising campaign alongside the E3 Press Conference: Greatness Awaits. The ad took a whole three weeks to film, involves tons of special effects and countless props, actors and extras. Celebrating all that is PlayStation, the video has gained a not-too-shabby 684,961 views and 18,158 likes so far.

Meanwhile, Sony also released a quick joke video about how you share used games with the PS4 (a jab at the Xbox One), created during the downtime between E3 rehearsals as a bit of a laugh:

It has gained a whopping 12,033,313 views so far, in pretty much the same time as Greatness Awaits, making it the second most popular video on the 4 year old PlayStation channel, second only to the original PS4 reveal video at 30 million. And, although the PS4 vid has more views, it has 47,120 likes, while the Used Games vid has an incredible 289,361 likes.

Compare the two videos from this week: one’s highly produced, thought out and made purely to be seen a lot; the other was made for fun simply as a little troll against the competition. Should Sony take note?

They’ve already started making their adverts a bit more aggressive, but should they ramp it up a notch? The majority of the gaming internet is currently up in arms over the Xbox One, but can be notoriously fickle.

If you think Sony should strike while the iron is hot with more aggressive videos, let us know. Or, alternatively, if you think companies should keep the ‘moral high ground’ and only do serious videos, sound off below.