Minecraft YouTube Most Popular 2019 Game

Minecraft was YouTube’s Most Popular Game in 2019 with Over 100 Billion Views

As we near the end of the year (and decade), many “best of” lists and retrospectives have begun to appear. As in years past, YouTube also joined in to celebrate a year of videos, including celebrating what games received the most views during the year. Mojang’s Minecraft stole the show, with over 100 billion views on YouTube in 2019. To put it into perspective, that’s enough for the entire planet’s population to watch a Minecraft video 13 times each. The second most-watched game on YouTube for the year was Fortnite, which had 60.9 billion views. That’s only a little over half of the views Minecraft had.

Recently, YouTube published its 2019 Rewind video, which looks back on the year’s hottest trends. Its video game section listed 2019’s five most-watched games. You can check out the video below:

2019’s most-watched games on YouTube were:

  1. Minecraft – 100.2 billion
  2. Fortnite – 60.9 billion
  3. Grand Theft Auto – 36.9 billion
  4. Garena Free Fire – 29.9 billion
  5. Roblox – 29.6 billion

Leading the charge for Minecraft’s views in 2019 was “PewDiePie,” aka Felix Kjellberg. In August 2019, he reached 100 million subscribers, making him the most followed solo content creator on the platform. Shortly prior to this PewDiePie had decided to reconnect with his Minecraft roots for the first time in years. This led to Minecraft itself garnering a whole new bout of popularity on the platform, despite being an older game. YouTube issued a statement in regards to the creator and the popularity of Minecraft:

[Minecraft’s] resurgence paralleled the decision by YouTube’s most subscribed creator, PewDiePie, to re-engage with the game in late June.

The month after PewDiePie posted ‘Minecraft Part 1’ – his first Minecraft video in years – uploads of videos related to the game reached an all-time high. And Minecraft, once again, returned to its place atop the most-viewed games of the year list.

Minecraft is not only the most viewed game on YouTube, it’s also the best-selling video game of all time, reaching 176 million copies sold earlier this year. And with a supposed Minecraft movie set to launch in 2022, we can probably count on seeing the franchise stick around a little while longer.

[Source: Games Industry]