Opens up: US & Canadian Residents can Enter to Win PlayStation Memoribilia From ‘Perfect Day’

First is was (which didn’t start off so well), then Sony registered a domain for, and now Sony has detailed exactly what Greatness Exchange is.

By heading over to, you can use your hard-earned Gold trophies to enter into a random drawing for each of the available items from the ‘Perfect Day’ commercial on the website, with a new item going up each and every weekday:

*Approximate values are in USD

  • Helghast Assault – October 22nd ($700)
  • Breton Bow, Quiver and Arrows – October 23rd ($389)
  • Lucas Kellan Suit – October 24th ($1,000)
  • Nord Warrior Suit – October 25th ($1,000)
  • Dagger – October 28th ($389)
  • VSA Assault – October 29th ($700)
  • Nord Sword – October 30th ($389)
  • Killzone Induction Experience – October 31st ($7,430)
  • Nord Axe – November 1st ($389)
  • VSA Support – November 4th ($700)
  • Breton Costume – November 5th ($1,000)
  • Perfect Battle Concept Art – November 6th ($500)
  • Helghast Support – November 7th ($700)
  • Uber Elder Scrolls Experience – November 8th ($3,170)
  • Sergeant Suit – November 11th ($700)
  • Helghast Civilian Female – November 12th ($700)
  • Helghast Civilian Male – November 13th ($700)
  • Shadow Marshal Suit – November 14th ($700)
  • Mystery Box – November 15th

The great news about this is that it is open to not only those in the United States, but Canada as well (excluding Quebec), and you just need to be over 18 (full rules).

If you’re still a little iffy on the details, here’s an explanation that you’ll see when you first enter the site:

Greatness. Mankind has strived for it. Struggled for it. Sacrificed for it. And now, finally, mankind will be rewarded for it. With the Greatness Exchange, your PlayStation feats are no longer merely bragging rights. They’re bonafide tickets to greatness.

You’re about to have a decent shot at winning items used in the latest PlayStation commercials along with a few once in a lifetime experiences. And, with one Gold Trophy equalling one sweepstakes entry, it doesn’t matter whether you’re swimming in 24K or just starting out… everyone and anyone has a chance at greatness.

What items are you hoping to win? Are you glad they made the contest fair to everyone, and not just those who have tons of trophies? Let us know in the comments below.