Bid for Greatness Trophy Auction Changed Amidst Cheating Accusations, Alleged Cheater Possibly Responds

After the cheating accusation regarding the winner of the first Bid for Greatness auction yesterday popped up, it looks as though Sony has wised up and changed their process a little bit.

Back when the auction ended yesterday, it clearly displayed the winner’s PSN ID, showing the entire internet who bid more than they did. This time around, for the Clicker Costume (and now the Killzone outfit), it doesn’t tell us who won and simply says, “This item is sold. Auction Winner Pending. We are currently validating the winner.”

So, this new step seems to imply that they’ll look into all winners, determining if they legitimately acquired all those Trophies they bid.


As a follow-up to yesterday’s story, it seems as though the accused cheater (unconfirmed) uploaded a video to YouTube back in February, showing “a fully working mod menu made completely out of a save” for Call of Duty: World at War that could be used to insta-earn trophies:

Also, someone claiming to be the accused cheater posted in the PSNProfiles forum (user now banned, thread now locked, via), saying, “Why is everyone saying that I’m a hacker? Just because I once got 8,500 trophies in one day does NOT mean I’m a hacker, like seriously, has no one else ever played PS3 all day getting a shitload of trophies?” In the unlikely case he played games for 24 hours straight, took no breaks, didn’t have to disc-swap and had a console that didn’t need to load levels, 8,500 trophies would mean just under 6 trophies unlocked per minute.

We can’t confirm if that forum poster is actually the winner, so keep that in mind when reading the follow-up comments by them (it’s a funny read either way):

“So I take it as none of you ever got 8,500 trophies in a single day… you guys must not be real trophy hunters.  :huh:

“I’m legit bro, I don’t see how getting 8,500 trophies in a day isn’t legit.”

“Well I don’t know what to say. No one believes that I’m legit when I AM legit.”

“So let me get this straight, you guys think I’m a hacker? Even after I stated that I was legit? Do you guys think I’m a fucking liar? Wow, I am in disbelief! I don’t know why I donated to this site if all the members call me liars. I am actually crying as I type this.”

“I am legit, I don’t care how unlegit getting 8,500 trophies in one day sounds. I think you’re all mad that you didn’t win the outfit.”

“Oh, I can barely remember [White Knight Chronicles]. I beat it within minutes.”

“I don’t care what you guys say, it’s all wrong. I am legit, you are going to have to deal with it.”

“I don’t understand how you think I ruined anything for any of you. First of all, I’m legit so I don’t see how that could ruin anything. Second of all, even IF I was a hacker, how would that affect you from playing the game legitly? I think hackers suck! I am the most legit person in the world!”

“[Creating a test account for Far Cry 3] was actually an account I made to prove a friend wrong that I can platinum the game within 10 minutes. I am 2 legit 2 quit.”

“Who you calling a chump, you poopface!”

“I am tired of being called names. I am legit and I don’t want to be called a cheater! Why can’t we all be friends? There is no need for all of this.”

We’ve reached out to Sony for a comment on this matter and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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