Sony Santa Monica’s New IP Being Written by Battlestar Galactica Alum, Been in Development for Over 2 Years

We’ve let you know as much information as we possibly could about a new IP in development at Sony Santa Monica that isn’t God of War (check the info out here, here, and here) from job listings and the like, but this latest piece of news comes from Michael Angeli, who has previously worked on Battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel, and more.

During a Battlestar Galactic panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Michael revealed that he’s working on a new video game for Sony Santa Monica, one that isn’t God of War. After the panel, Polygon caught up with him, where he revealed that he’s been writing the game for the last two and a half years.

Angeli also said that once God of War: Ascension finished development, the team of around 150 people moved onto this unannounced title, which he didn’t give any more information for, or name any systems (*Cough* PS4 *cough). He did say that his previous work in journalism and Battlestar Galactica helped him to get the job, though.

Do you think this means we’ll see a game with magical robots from Sony Santa Monica? Let us know in the comments below.