Ask PSLS: How Many Platinum Trophies Do You Have, and Which One Are You Most Proud Of?

The beauty with trophies is that they keep you playing a game until well after you beat it the first time through, with the pursuit of a Platinum being the ultimate goal. So, we decided to ask the PlayStation LifeStyle staff – “How Many Platinum Trophies Do You Have, and Which One Are You Most Proud Of?”

Anthony Severino – Platinumborn (@Sev_Anthony)

I actually don’t know how many Platinum Trophies I have—it’s definitely not a lot. I’m not much of a Trophy Hunter, and I rarely play a game outside of a review. And usually, when I’m done with my review, I’m done with the game completely. That said, when I do get into a game post-review, or on my own personal accord, I tend to play the shit out of it. Take Skyrim for example—that’s my crown achievement as far as Platinum Trophies are concerned. It took hours upon hours—hours that I was more than happy to log. There’s one section of the game where you’re getting all of the Daedric Prince weapons, and you can miss a couple of them depending on your choices. Well, I finished them all, and realized I missed one of the required ten. Luckily, thanks to cloud saves, I loaded up an older save file on a different PS3 in my home, and replayed all of the Daedric quests to make sure I got that Silver Trophy needed for the Platinum. Did I mention I love Skyrim?

Cameron Teague – LEGO my Platinum (@Cameron_PSLS)

I believe I have a whopping 6 or 7 platinum trophies. I guess the one I am most proud of is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which I spent a good amount of time replaying the game over and over to finish and hit 100 percent. The others are all LEGO games, which I have to say my wife is the reason I have all of them. Once she gets hooked on a LEGO game, she plays it until it is complete and drags me in with her.

Chandler Wood – Showoff (@FinchStrife)

I am currently sitting pretty at 72 Platinum trophies, with plenty more on deck in my backlog. Picking one that I am most proud of is like picking a favorite child. I will always remember when my first Plat dinged into existence with Fallout 3. I’m proud of the moment when I finally went back through the original Dead Space and finished off my trophy list over a year after getting the first trophy. Though I have many more that have taken longer than that now, this was the first game I really ‘went back to’ later on to get my platinum.

I’m also very proud of all three Platinums from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which were not terribly easy to get. This question is really making me want to get into my backlog and Platinum more games…

Jason Dunning – Numero Uno (@Jasonad21)

Since I don’t classify myself as a Trophy Hunter at all, and my account of nearly three years had to be left behind a little while back, I just have 1 Platinum to my name – The Walking Dead (which you get just by beating the game).

I was only one or two trophies away from a Platinum in Resistance: Burning Skies, but I would have had to replay most of the campaign to get it, and I really didn’t want to do that.

Jesse Meikle – National (@Jesse_WM)

I have 7 Platinum trophies to my (PSN) name. I think the Platinum I’m most proud of would have to be Dead Nation, which I played religiously when it released. An honorable mention goes to Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 though, because I had an incredible amount of fun earning those Platinum trophies (tedious collection aside). I would ideally love to Platinum Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but the high amount of collection in that game is sort of a deal breaker. If I ever find myself ahead of my backlog (I really doubt that will ever happen) then I imagine Platinuming Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune would make for a pretty good time too.

Louis Edwards – P2K (@ftwrthtx)

I currently have 27 Platinum trophies. It really is hard for me to pick one out of the bunch I am most proud of, but having all four Uncharted Plats is right up there with my MLB 2K9 Platinum. The MLB Plat was probably the hardest of the bunch thanks to the perfect game trophy. Back then that trophy was damn near impossible. Beating the first Uncharted on Crushing was no cake walk either.

Sebastian Moss – Insightful (@FoolsJoker)

Don’t know, don’t really care. I prefer to play games until I’m bored of them, and then just move on.

Vivas Kaul – Prototypical (@VivasKaul)

I’ve currently got 34 Plats. In terms of which one I’m most proud of…well that’s a difficult question. In terms of the difficulty, I think I’m most proud of the plat I earned for Prototype. Getting Platinum ratings on all of the open world events was really tough, which was made even harder by the game’s rather brutal difficulty curve. However, I think the one I’m most proud of from both a difficulty challenge and the fun involved with getting it was Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Maybe it was because getting the Foxiest of the Hounds trophy somewhat glitches when you reloaded saves where an alarm had gone off, but I really enjoyed watching all the different story permutations play out when you had to make choices in conversations. I also really enjoyed that story. No one writes cyberpunk stories like that anymore, especially not in video games. The closest one could get is Dead Space and that franchise is more pure sci-fi than cyberpunk.

How many Platinum trophies do you have, and which are you most proud of? Let us know in the comments below.