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Metal Gear Solid Remaster Trophies Reveal How to Earn Platinum

Metal Gear Solid Remaster trophies have made their way online courtesy of PowerPyx. The list details what players will have to do earn the Platinum trophy for the upcoming bundle. In total the game has 19 trophies, most of which relate to different bosses across all three titles.

Alongside the boss trophies, there are trophies related to beating the game with Fox or Big Boss ranking, as well as doing “VR missions.” This should give players a fairly decent challenge as they make their way through the games.

Metal Gear Solid Remaster trophies – complete list

Get the full Metal Gear Solid Remaster trophy list below:


  • MGS Trophy Veteran: Unlock all trophies


  • Sniper Wolf (second encounter): Defeat Sniper Wolf again
  • Vulcan Raven: Defeat Vulcan Raven
  • Metal Gear REX: Defeat Metal Gear REX
  • Liquid Snake: Defeat Liquid Snake
  • Bandana obtained: Obtain Bandana
  • Stealth Camo obtained: Obtain Stealth Camo
  • Elite codename: Complete the game with FOX or BIG BOSS rank
  • VR training expert: Complete all VR Missions
  • Photographic Excorcist: Excorcise a photo of a ghost


  • Sniper Wolf: Defeat Sniper Wolf
  • Hind D: Defeat Hind D
  • The Spy Who read: Read all of the Briefing Files


  • Start Mission: Start a New Game
  • Revolver Ocelot: Defeat Revolver Ocelot
  • M1 Tank: Defeat M1 Tank
  • Ninja: Defeat Cyborg Ninja
  • Psycho Mantis: Defeat Psycho Mantis
  • VR training begins: Complete a VR mission

Metal Gear Solid Remaster is set to release on October 24, 2023.