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Retailer Anticipates Call of Duty: Ghosts & Battlefield 4 on PS4/Xbox One to “Release Before Hardware”

As we draw ever nearer to the holiday season and the PS4 and Xbox One launches, retailers are slowly selling out of their allocated Day One stock, with Amazon and GameStop both sold out already.

Giving everyone fair warning as to when they’ll be stopping theirs is Future Shop in Canada, who will cease Day One Edition pre-orders starting on July 31st. It remains to be seen if this will be the same for Best Buy Canada, but given the similarities between the two retailers, don’t waste any more time putting your money down on one of these consoles if you want them for launch day.

Taking a look at a couple of the games, the infamous @FS_Gamer Twitter account answered the question of whether Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 would be day one titles on the PS4 and Xbox One by saying, “We anticipate they will both release BEFORE hardware…”

With currently stating the release date of Ghosts for November 5th (they call it a placeholder) and BF4 for October 29th, it is highly possible that you’ll be able to buy each game prior to the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Would you buy either of these games days/weeks before buying your new console this holiday? Let us know in the comments below.