GameStop Stops PS4 Pre-Orders, as “Unlimited” Supply Runs Dry

Late last month, it was revealed that GameStop had been given the go-ahead by Sony to “open the floodgates” for “unlimited” PS4 pre-orders. Now, GameStop has had to close their floodgates, with the standard PS4 edition sold out on their website.

The pricier bundles are still available (limited to one per household), and you may be able to pre-order at your local store before their quota is filled, but it’s clear that stocks are now limited and if you plan on pre-ordering, the sooner you do it, the better. The Xbox One Day One Edition is also still available on GameStop, if you plan to pre-order it.

Over on Amazon, the PS4 has been doing equally well, with the launch day edition becoming the best selling console of the year, despite selling out in less than a day.

Have you pre-ordered, and if so, where? Let us know if you’ll be playing the PS4 on launch day in the comments below.

[Thanks for the tip, Shane!]

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