“Based on Feedback” From Retailers, Sony Says PS4 Pre-Orders are Ahead of Xbox One in the UK

If a simple Amazon poll that popped up shortly after E3 (but before the Xbox One Eighty) was any indication, gamers have their minds set on the PS4 this holiday, as opposed to the Xbox One. This fact was then proven through various pre-order information, namely Amazon and GameStop, with the latter announcing previously that they were taking unlimited PS4 pre-orders.

On the subject of the PS4 and pre-orders, Fergal Gara, VP & Managing Director at SCE UK and Ireland, told TechRadar that “it’s great to be going to market with what we believe is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived – and certainly ever developed – and at a price that feels very acceptable, certainly based on the pre-order volumes that we’re seeing.”

When asked about if the PS4 was ahead on pre-orders in the UK, Fergal simply said, “Based on feedback, yes.” He then went on to talk about how they’ve “had a few good weeks,” but “there’s much, much, much more to go.”

One thing he attributes to the success so far, is the 8GB of RAM:

We have the most uncompromised memory spec that we could pretty well dream up and if you talk to developers, if you talk to first party, third party developers, you’ll see that that opens up the possibilities for them and it’s about as high spec as they could have ever imagined, 8GB gives them huge headroom to continue developing fantastic games.

Before he finished, Fergal also mentioned that at gamescom, we should expect to hear more about the PS4’s services, release date, and more. So make sure you’re ready for when the event starts on August 21st.

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