Suda 51 on PS4 and Xbox One: “We Really Want to Tax the Engines in This Next Generation”

Suda 51, the man behind such games as Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned, is quite well known for creating experiences that steer clear of the mainstream. With his upcoming game, Killer is Dead, he will continue that streak, as you can find out in Cameron’s preview of the game and the ESRB rating.

As we approach the PS4 and Xbox One launches (just a few months away!), Suda discussed what will define Grasshopper Manufacture in the next generation to Edge by saying, “What I really want to push and emphasize at Grasshopper is not which platform we choose, but which kind of engine we choose.” He then continued by talking about how Killer is Dead is being done on Unreal Engine 3, “but moving forward this is probably the last Unreal 3 game we’ll develop before we explore Unreal 4 and a variety of other engines, and see which will allow us to do what we want.”

If you thought Suda pretty much confirmed that they’ll be working on a multi-platform game next generation, rather than doing a console exclusive, he further added to that when asked if either the PS4 or Xbox One had a specific advantage for the games he wants to make:

I wouldn’t really want to restrict ourselves to a single platform, and of course the engines will have support for multiple platforms… I feel there’s a sort of desire from players to see games on multiple platforms, in a variety of packages, in a variety of different forms. So we really want to tax the engines in this next generation. The platforms will be pulled along by the engines, I want to say.

So, barring any changes, expect to be able to buy Grasshopper Manufacture’s next crazy project on both the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 whenever they think it up and release it.

Are you going to have time and/or money for Killer is Dead when it launches in a month? Let us know in the comments below.

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