Suda51 Wants to Continue the Killer is Dead Franchise

Have you been hoping for another title in the Killer is Dead series? Well, Suda51 is hoping to be able to someday make a sequel himself! GameReactor recently sat down with Suda51 during the Tokyo Game Show, and asked if he was interested in revisiting some other franchises, other than No More Heroes.

This is Suda51’s response to GameReactor:

“It would be relatively difficult for a lot of the titles,” says Gochi “Suda51” Suda when asked about revisiting other franchises. “Mainly because as Grasshopper we simply don’t own the rights to some of these IPs, so it’s not really our decision to say we’re going to bring this title back. But there are definitely some that if possible I’d like to go back to. For example, Killer is Dead. It’s one that I’ve been thinking for a while that if possible I’d like to make a sequel for it. Although, again nothing at all concrete yet, it’s something I’ve been thinking about. And hopefully, I’ll be able to talk more about that in the future.”

Nothing concrete, but it does sound promising!

If you’re wondering if you should be excited for a new Killer is Dead, I’d recommend reading our review of the first game:

In modern Japanese game development, few minds bend and twist as readily as Suda51’s to give gamers a unique view on life as interpreted by Grasshopper Manufacturer. Just look to the studio’s past work: Shadows of the Damned flipped the princess allegory video games have been treading for decades while Lollipop Chainsaw presented some seriously biting dialog, all while hiding under the veil of titillating slasher-sexploitation. Unfortunately, that creativity and burning drive to create a new and entirely different experience attacking and undermining the player’s ID has largely come up short in Killer Is Dead.

What would you like from a Killer is Dead sequel?

[Source: GameReactor]