Ken Levine Teases Possible BioShock Infinite DLC Announcement Happening Tomorrow at 8 AM EST/5 AM PST

Considering how we’re at the tail end of July, people have begun to get a little antsy when it comes to the BioShock Infinite DLC, especially when the last update was that we’d hear something in late July.

Well, it looks like they’ll be cutting it very close as Ken Levine, Creative Director and Co-founder of Irrational Games, took to his ever popular Twitter account and said, “Check the internets Tuesday at around 8AM est to see what I’m up to [tomorrow]. Hopefully, it won’t involve a perp walk.”

Asking the obvious question in a non-obvious way, @lokp14 said, “July is ending ken.. where’s the DLC info? …” Ken replied with, “Read my tweets today, dude/dudette! all that tweet sweat for nothing!” Based on the fact that he decided to answer that exact DLC question, it seems like you can expect to hear some BioShock Infinite DLC news tomorrow morning.

Do you hope to hear about all pieces of DLC tomorrow? Or just the first one? Let us know in the comments below.

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