Ken Levine “Still Working on the Matchmaking” of the BioShock PS Vita Deal, Shuhei Yoshida has Some Fun With it

Based on the amount of activity from Ken Levine on Twitter last night, before the impending news of all the BioShock Infinite DLC at 8AM EST, I’d hazard a guess that he was excited, even predicting that “some people will be FURIOUS! Some people will be excited. Some people will be singer Robin Thicke.”

While he was in the process of shooting down the announcement possibly being BioShock Infinite 2, a multiplayer add-on, or a next-gen reveal, and guessing his breakfast would be “Internet tears,” he eliminated the chances of it being about BioShock Vita:

Today NOT about Vita. I’m still working on the matchmaking of that deal, no promises whatsoever. Out of my hands. So vent your spleen now.

As a standalone tweet, Double Eleven (LittleBigPlanet PS Vita/PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD) said, “I wonder who is in the running for BioShock Vita. No one has spoken to us yet ( sad face ). Sony America must be handling it.” Quickly, this was met with a fun response by Shuhei Yoshida that read, “cough cough,” with SCEA’s Adam Boyes adding in his fun thoughts as well by adding, “Sony America sounds like the worst! Ugh!”

So, while we don’t know if Ken Levine and his team at Irrational would handle BioShock Vita if it doesn’t get green lit, or if they’d outsource it to another developer, we do know that Double Eleven likely isn’t involved with it at all.

Who, besides Irrational, would you like to see make a Vita version of BioShock? Let us know in the comments below.

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