Ex-EA Boss Thinks the PS4 and Xbox One Generation Will “Be Bigger Than the Last”

Months after stepping down as the CEO of EA, a position which still hasn’t been filled, John ‘Ricky-Tick’ Riccitiello took part in his first interview since leaving the giant company.

While there was a bit of a sad part near the end of the interview with GI.Biz where he said, “In reality I don’t have many friends out there,” John weighed in on the predictions that the next generation of consoles wouldn’t sell as much as this generation:

I think they’ll be bigger than the last generation, actually. The last generation can be described as supercharged engines – they had super-powerful boxes. But the entirety of the online communication and being able to connect to your friends and all that stuff, a seamless, smooth, social experience, was just masking tape – barely put together. Remember that this was eight years ago. Most people were just moving on from their 28k modems. Now these are fully functioning, fully integrated online computers connected to the best screen in your house.

Online improvements aren’t the only reason why Riccitiello believes that the next generation will do so well, but also through the ease of use and user interface:

You put a super computer under your TV, plug it in with one connection and it works. It knows who you are, it knows what your games are and it’s unbelievably simple; it’s not like PC plug and play, it’s just plug and play. The next generation of consoles are going to be a massive improvement on user interface. So I think that ‘s going to matter.

Do you think this upcoming generation will be more successful than the one we’re currently in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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