Ken Levine on DLC Release Pressure: “I Could Say, F*ck it, Let’s Cut Half of it so we can Get it out Sooner”

Following the David Vonderhaar and Phil Fish situations that popped up recently regarding verbal abuse to game developers, Ken Levine talked about how he deals with all the abuse he receives from gamers to Eurogamer.

After revealing how “it doesn’t upset me personally,” Ken talked about the pressure he’s received from gamers about the BioShock Infinite DLC, which we finally learned about yesterday:

Say if it was someone besides me, the amount of pressure to get DLC out, I could say, fuck it, let’s cut half of it so we can get it out sooner. I’m used to the pressure, but there may be a guy who’s not like me, who doesn’t have the experience, who will give into that pressure and release something that’s not as good because they feel that.

And that’s what I worry more about is how it affects games. As a gamer, game comes out, I hope it’s good, and if I like it I play it and if I don’t like it I don’t play it, and I think you can get in a strange space where it ends up being counterproductive for the gamers. But for me, it’s just part of the job at this part, but I don’t think it helps gaming.

Over on Twitter, Ken Levine re-confirmed that there’s no chances of multiplayer DLC for BioShock Infinite, while also saying that he doesn’t know how long the Burial at Sea DLC would take to beat, likely due to the fact that they’re still being made.

Are you okay that Irrational Games is taking their time with the DLC? Let us know in the comments below.


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