Sony Santa Monica Confirms no More DLC Characters or Stages for PlayStation All-Stars, Balance Patch Incoming

Giving us a big status update about all things PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony Santa Monica took to the PlayStation Forums to declare once and for all that “there will not be any new DLC character[s] or environment released” for the game. The content already released represents “the full content for PS All-Stars.”

Addressing all the rumored characters and concept art, they said:

In the course of any game’s development, there are always elements that never quite get finished or the team decides not to use in the final game. Some of these additional materials from the game’s development phase have been recently released, but unfortunately these are very far from finished assets and were not included in the final game for a number of production and legal reasons.

It isn’t all bad news though, as a balance patch addressing strengths, weakness, and functionality is in the early stages of development right now and should be finished sometime this fall.

As for costumes, you can expect the previously pre-order exclusive ones for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, and Big Daddy will go free on August 27th. Then, the third costumes for Zeus and Isaac are going to be free and release along with the balance patch this fall.

Finally, monthly seasons are back and they are looking at issues with title belts not being correctly given to people based on their seasonal performance.

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