Sony Santa Monica Confirms “No New Content Planned” for PlayStation All-Stars, Possible Journey/Gravity Rush Stage Shown Off

Update: Sony Santa Monica sent out another video.

Sony Santa Monica answered a lot of important questions over the weekend, which started with Just Tank, Community Strategist, offering up a statement as to what happened with Dart possibly coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as DLC:

PlayStation All-Stars Fans,

Thank you for your continued support of PlayStation All-Stars and for keeping the community thriving. At this time we have no plans to release new content for PlayStation All-Stars.

While we considered many characters during development and even created concept art for a number of characters and environments that were being explored during the game’s development phase, including Dart, we were not able to incorporate all of them into the final game. We will continue to be committed to supporting the PlayStation All-Stars online community through online match-making and will ensure server stability.

We appreciate all of your support and passion for PlayStation All-Stars. Our hats off to the team at SuperBot for creating an incredible fighting game, and to you for keeping the online mayhem running strong.

Thank you,

Sony Santa Monica

The Sony Santa Monica Twitter account also got in on the Dart action, saying, “it was only ever a piece of concept art and never anything planned further after a short discovery.” They then followed this up by plainly stating on the topic of PlayStation All-Stars in general, “we have no new content planned at this time.”

After someone replied to the Dart tweet with “you let us down again the same way you [did] with Fat Princess and Starhawk by not supporting it,” SSM explained, “we are maintaining servers for Starhawk and also just helped the largest clan.” Based on that comment, it doesn’t seem like Starhawk will join MAG, SOCOM 4, and SOCOM Confrontation in the land of shut off servers this January.

Sticking with PlayStation All-Stars, Ky Bui, Environment Artist at SuperBot, seemed to leak a possible Journey/Gravity Rush stage, with Elton Gamez, Creative Director on PS All-Stars, seeming to do the same with a different title screen (both unconfirmed and now deleted, via PSE 1, 2):

Jumping ahead to today, Sony Santa Monica teased this video for God of War: Ascension multiplayer, while re-affirming that the next large map will be free to everyone, and Gauntlets will be paid, except for those who have the Season Pass.

Are you disappointed to hear that we won’t be getting any new PlayStation All-Stars content? Let us know in the comments below.

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