Criterion Games Dev Shows off BLACK 2 ‘Target X’ Video Frames, Re-Confirms “No. We’re not Doing it”

August 5, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Alex Ward, Creative Director at Criterion Games, is a very active tweeter over on his account, telling us all about a cancelled Road Rash, the fact that a new Burnout isn’t in development, and more last week.

He didn’t stop with just that though, as he continued this week by tweeting out a couple of BLACK 2 frames from a ‘Target X’ video (thanks to a little angry begging from Geoff Keighley), giving us a glimpse of the sequel that never was:



Sadly, this will stay as a target video, with Alex saying, “And before anybody asks. No. We’re not doing it. Just a bit of fun that’s all. I need the hard drive space so it’s being deleted as I go.” And even if he did release it, “By today’s standards it probably wouldn’t hold up if truth be told. Times have sure changed.”

When asked how BLACK  2 would be different, Ward replied, “Well, we know a LOT more about the genre for sure. I have utmost respect for DICE who have mastered the genre.” He then added, “Plus I think that BLACK was exactly what it set out to be – a standout PS2 FPS experience.”

Would you have wanted to play BLACK 2? Let us know in the comments below.


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