GTA V Day 1 Digital Status on PS3 Still Unconfirmed, Guacamelee! NOT a PS+ Free Game in Europe for September

We’re usually on top of knowing whether certain PlayStation 3 games will be coming to the PlayStation Network as Day 1 Digital titles (almost all August releases are), but in the case of Grand Theft Auto V on September 17th, that is something Jawad Ashraf of the EU PS Store Team “can’t confirm at this moment.” As well, Jawad says it would be up to Rockstar to announce anything. We’ll continue to look into this matter and let you know as soon as we hear something either way.

Another game that won’t be a Day 1 Digital title is the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, which Jawad simply replied “nope” to when asked if it was happening. If this happens to change, we’ll keep you updated, but don’t forget that you can pre-order the collection to receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition.

Taking a look at Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, which is out in North America on August 27th, Jawad couldn’t confirm a date for Europe, though it “should be around” the time of the NA version, so expect it probably on August 30th.

A few other pieces of information were covered, which we’ve placed below:

  • Still no update on Ratchet: Gladiator HD.
  • Runner2 on PS3 is “a few weeks away from what I understand.”
  • The Japanese Voice Pack for Soul Sacrifice “was a pre-order DLC. No current plans to have it released separately for EU.”
  • Tales of Xillia is out on Friday, in case you were wondering.
  • Guacamelee! will NOT be in the September PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection (read Sebastian’s thoughts on the August free games here).
  • There’s still time to pre-order the digital version of Rayman Legends on the EU PSN for PS3 or PS Vita, which includes a free copy of Rayman.

If given the option, would you buy Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation Network? Let us know in the comments below.

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