Yoshida: PS4’s Game Recording and Video Streaming Features Not Behind PlayStation Plus Paywall

Because Microsoft recently confirmed that certain features of the Xbox One, such as Skype and DVR recording, would be placed behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, was flooded with questions about whether the PS4 would have similar features placed behind the PlayStation Plus paywall.

Here’s Shuhei’s answers to multiple questions:

Question 1: YO will we need PSN+ to record and post videos on PS4? Btw you’re awesome!

Shuhei: no, thanks 😀

Question 2: Will the PS4 recording feature be available to all or only those who have PS+?

Shuhei: all

Question 3: are the PS4 game recording and streaming features exclusive to Plus subscribers?

Shuhei: no

So, even though PlayStation Plus for PS4 is highly recommended, if you decide not to spend the extra money, features such as game recording and video streaming won’t be restricted.

Do you think that Microsoft will reverse their policy for Skype and DVR recording being included with Xbox Live Gold? Let us know in the comments below.

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