PlayStation Plus: Sony Explains Why European and North American Free Games Are Different

Morgan Haro, Community Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms, deals with the weekly and monthly PlayStation Plus updates, and responds to comments in the process.

As you may have read in the comments of our post about the August 2013 PlayStation Plus free games for North America, and the Ask PSLS discussing them, many people wonder why Europe gets “better” titles in the Instant Game Collection. Though he’s previously touched on this, Morgan replied in full detail to a comment about regional differences, with the original commenter even saying, “I’m beginning to think the US team is just lazy compared to Europe.”

Here’s Morgan’s explanation:

The only thing I can say in regards to your feedback is that the regions are completely different with their own set of constraints. So while one region gets ‘X’ game, the other will be working to get ‘Y’ game, and the publishers or owners of each game have completely different decision paths and factors from region to region.

For example, EA in EU is different from EA in NA. We’re working to strive to always deliver the best content available and in the long run, I think you’ll find that your Plus membership is worth it. Keep in mind too that content is planned a long time in advance. So particular feedback may take time to be realized, but rest assured, it’s being delivered. Thanks!

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