2K Marin Talks the Future of XCOM, The Bureau DLC, Declassified Worries

It’s tough to say if this will have any direct correlation to the commercial success of the game when it releases next week in North America and Europe, but the AMA on Reddit for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified only managed to garner 129 comments when it was held earlier today.

Thankfully, the many people from 2K Marin who participated in the AMA took the time to answer as many questions as they possibly could, with Joveth Gonzalez, Community Strategist, talking about what they’re doing next:

Well, we are currently working away at DLC and as for the next XCOM title in general…you’ll have to keep an eye out for more info 😉

Next up was Morgan Gray, Creative Director, who talked about how far they think the XCOM IP can go:

The IP has a lot of room to continue to expand and grow, its a universe that has a lot of things going for it. Its also a game methodology in terms of requiring brains as well as bullets, and demanding skillful play from the players, these tenants would serve a number of games well. In terms of our success, we’ll all know soon who digs what we’ve done and who doesn’t :).

Morgan then discussed where they would take the XCOM franchise if given the choice:

I think it would be fun to expand on the team tactical control, larger teams, more options, etc. I’d be interested in us finding ways to bring aspects of base management and research, that worked well with our focus on “squad leader”, perhaps this would be some sort of battlefield forensics mechanics or actual cyberwar options (combat hackers ala Shadowrun), building field outposts, etc. But these are just early musings I’ve had. As Erik has said…there is something about going under the sea…I mean..we’ve been there before…but without Lobstermen.

Continuing, Morgan talked about if they were worried this non-tactical XCOM game would be received poorly:

We’re not that worried, as the giant major focus of our game is to be a tactical game :). Check out our videos and posts, the game’s primary focus is to give you tactical control of your squad, but in real time , not turn based. So we’re trying to make you feel like the squad leader out in the action. Think Aliens, but as opposed to being in the APC, you’re Hicks in the battlefield.

Although screenshots don’t speak the full truth, our game is more military squad vs. squad tactical combat than run and gun by a wide margin. I think we get that XCOM vibe in our game, in addition to how our fiction runs, the focus on team work, tension and terror, the marching progression of technology, etc. We are worried how are unique focus on this slice of XCOM will be received, but I feel that when it comes to tactics, we’re very strong there :).

There wasn’t much else during the AMA, though Morgan did add, “We do have some stuff in the works right now to help expand on where the game leaves off , but I’m not supposed to talk about that….”

If you want to experience some tactical XCOM, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is currently free on PlayStation Plus in North America and Europe.

Are you planning on buying The Bureau: XCOM Declassified next week? Or is your money being saved for Saints Row IV or Splinter Cell: Blacklist? Let us know in the comments below.

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