GameStop: Digital Console Revenue “Will be Nearing $4 Billion” By 2015

August 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


With PlayStation Plus, Day One Digital, Gaikai and PSN-only titles, it’s clear that the future is moving towards digital, but analysts and industry pundits all disagree about how far away that future is.

GameStop, who obviously have a huge interest where the industry is going, shared their thoughts in an earnings call. Michael P. Hogan, Executive Vice President of Strategic Business & Brand Development, said (transcribed by SeekingAlpha):

By 2015, console digital will be nearing $4 billion, much of which will be sold in stores.

By “sold in stores”, Hogan obviously means the digital cards GameStop sells, as well as the downloadable games they offer. But, every time GameStop introduces a customer to the wonders of digital downloads, they are helping seal their own fate.

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