GameStop: The Last of Us “was the Best-Selling Title During the Quarter”

August 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


The Last of Us is awesome, we all know that, but sadly critical success doesn’t always translate into commercial success. This time, however, it did.

During the admittedly slow second quarter of the year, The Last of Us managed to become the best selling game of all for GameStop – an impressive feat for a single platform title.

PSLS uncovered the revelation in an earnings call by GameStop, where Robert A. Lloyd, the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, said (transcribed by Seeking Alpha):

Our same-store sales were better than the high end of the range we outlined in last quarter’s call. We stated in May that there were few major releases in the quarter. We were very pleased with our performance on The Last of Us, which was the best-selling title during the quarter.

On top of that, Michael K. Mauler, GameStop’s Executive Vice President of International, said:

The improved collaboration with our publishing partners has had a significant impact on our DLC sales. As can be seen with Sony’s successful June release, The Last of Us, where our international businesses drove an approximate 30% attach rate on the digital season pass at launch.

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