EA Is “Platform Agnostic”, Not Favoring Xbox One Over PS4 Says Gibeau

So far in the next console generation, EA has decided to bundle FIFA 14 with the Xbox One in Europe for pre-orders as well as release XBO-only FIFA DLC, only bringing Titanfall to the Xbox One, and bringing Peggle and PvZ to Xbox One first, while also giving the Xbox One a head start on Battlefield 4 DLC.

It would almost seem like EA has backed Microsoft more when it comes to the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle, but Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels, explained to CVG how they’re “changing nothing in our policy about being platform-agnostic”:

One of the things that struck me this week is how a tactical deal with one of our platform partners has been blown out and perceived as strategic tilt – that’s a messaging error on our part. There is no strategic tilt.

The Sony platform and the Xbox platform are both very important to us. If you look at the previous generation we did tactical deals with both Sony and Microsoft throughout the cycle. Titanfall is different, it’s an EA Partners game – everything else is platform agnostic.

Speaking specifically of Sony and the PlayStation 4, Frank didn’t take a shot at Microsoft like Andrew House, rather just stating, “Sony has been executing exceptionally well on the next-gen transition. Their hardware’s hot, they’re clear and disciplined and consistent with their policies, they are showing some amazing things with indies, so overall I couldn’t be more pleased with how they’re executing.”

Gibeau ended the interview by also saying how it’s a long console cycle and there’s always potential for EA to do some sort of exclusive content for the PlayStation 4 down the road.

What kind of exclusive content would you like to see EA produce for the PS4 in the future? An unlockable Jak skin in Mirror’s Edge 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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