Gran Turismo Will Come to PS4, “Perhaps it Will be GT7,” Says Polyphony Digital CEO

With Gran Turismo 6 so far, we know it’s releasing for the PlayStation 3 on December 6th, and when it comes to a possible PlayStation 4 version, it’s only been said that it’ll “appear naturally.”

Game Informer asked Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital, about how much he’s played with the PlayStation 4 hardware and what he’s most looking forward to on the system. After talking about how he thinks the PS4 “is going to raise the quality of the applications on all levels,” Kazunori added:

Compared to the PS3, the PS4 uses a more generic CPU that anybody can draw out the performance for. The PS3, on the other hand, has very high peaks on just some of the elements and it is hardware that is more difficult to handle. It’s fun to wrestle with that and try and get it to put out that performance.

Once we start work on Gran Turismo for the PS4, perhaps it will be GT7, at that point I guess we’ll start to look [at] the peak performance for the PS4.

So, while he couldn’t confirm if they’ll be porting Gran Turismo 6 to the PS4, or creating a new entry into the series, rest assured that a Gran Turismo game will come to the PlayStation 4. Surprise!

When do you think we’ll see Gran Turismo on PS4? Do you want a ported GT6, or a later, but fully fleshed, GT7? Sound off in the comments below.

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