PlayStation 4 Version of Gran Turismo 6 “Will Appear Naturally”,“ Won’t Be “Waiting Too Long, But it Won’t be Too Soon Either”

The PlayStation 4 is set to release this holiday, with much of Sony’s financial fortunes riding on its success. Sony’s biggest IP, Gran Turismo, has a new entry in the series that has a proven track record to sell hardware out at the same time. For PS3.

Due to the huge amount of time and money that was spent on developing the engine and assets for Gran Turismo 5, Sony decided to bring GT6 to PS3, but many gamers were left disappointed that the franchise – best known for pushing visual boundaries – wouldn’t be making its way to the latest and greatest Sony hardware. Well thankfully it might end up on PS4 eventually.

Kazunori Yamauchi told 4Gamer that “I think a PlayStation 4 version will appear naturally”, then adding: “We won’t keep you waiting too long, but it won’t be too soon either.” Of course, considering the history of delays the series has faced, you might end up waiting a long time as Yamauchi has a different understanding of too long.

Yamauchi also shared his thoughts on the PS4:

Basically I think it’s a good neutral machine. It’s balanced hardware with no quirks, so it’s just about how to make the software.

If you’re planning to get a PS4, and aren’t sure if you want to buy a PS3 game at the same time, Evolution Studios is releasing DriveClub for PS4 at the console’s launch, along with a stripped down free version for PS+ subscribers.

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